Private Kindergarten

Mount Olympus Christian Child Development Center's Kindergarten has earned a reputation as an elite program.


  • 5 hour/day program
  • 12 students per class
  • A solid literary foundation to help students become competent readers by using both phonics and whole language applications. 
  • The teaching of appropriate handwriting skills. 
  • Eureka¬≤ Math program which focuses on a wide range of math concepts created to give your child a solid understanding and foundation to build on.
  • Science, Social Studies, and Geography exploration. 
  • Self-expression with creative art. 
  • Physical fitness. 
  • Christian values that build self-confidence and positive social skills. 
  • Opportunities for parents to participate in their child's education. 


  • Graduates of our Kindergarten have left reading on or above grade level, usually reading at a 1.5 to 3rd grade reading level. 
  • Studies show kindergarteners who attend 3/4 day programs test higher in reading and math. These children enter first grade at an advantage.  
  • Low child/teacher ratio improves success.  
  • Implementation of Student Educations Plans (SEP). We use the child's individual strengths to plan their educational goals. Utah PTA has studies proving that SEP's are essential for academic success.

Ms. Tammy Villa-Humphreys